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Eyebrow Rings

Eyebrow rings are a recent happening; it has become a popular piercing even though it is not technically a normal piercing performed on a skin with a fold, it is a surface piercing. A thicker eyebrow with a big ridge is preferred because it heals better and does not lend it self to rejection, a thin ridge will stretch and force the piercing to be rejected by your body, and it is important to take it out as soon as you feel undue tension in the area that was pierced. The piercing should be performed free hand with a piercing needle, if a piercer wants to use a piercing gun leave that establishment and find another one.

It takes about four months for this piercing to heal and if you are a woman you have to consider the possibility of not wearing make-up on the side where the piercing is because of possible infection. The choice of what initial piece to put on the piercing is up to the individual and once the healing has taken place eyebrow rings as well as barbells can be used. If eyebrow rings have to be removed because of social situations that frown on them there are small nylon keepers to keep your piercing from being closed.