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Eyebrow Bars

Eyebrow bars have not been around for a very long time; the piercing to hold the bars is made on the ridge of the eyebrow. The ridge where the piercing is going to take place has to be thick so it will accept the jewelry being placed there. If you have a thin ridge and your piercer recommends that you should not get a piercing on the eyebrow heed the advice, it will save you a lot of pain. The piercing should be made free hand with a piercing needle; a piercing gun is not something you want around your eye.

The tiny eyebrow bars above the eye are a unique way of saying who you are, and sometimes there are occasions where you have to take them off and for these occasions there are small nylon keepers that will keep the piercing intact so it will not heal and close.

The healing period for this type of piercing is about four months, and make-up considerations if you are a woman have to be taken before you decide to have this type of piercing. Eyebrow bars are readily available from a variety of companies, retail and online that offer piercing jewelry.