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Tapers And Expanders sold wholesale

Tapers and expanders are a broad body jewelry family which includes all the different shapes used to stretch piercing. This is done to be able to accommodate body jewelry with larger thicknesses and is usually in the ear lobes and less popular on tongue piercings and conch piercings. All tapers and expanders have one thing in common and this is their conic shape which allows  it to be push into the opening and slowly stretch it to the desired size. In the early days of the body jewelry industry heavy surgical steel tapers where used and in that case it is not healthy to leave the taper in the ear after the initial stretching since its unequal balance can damaged the stretched opening. However this has changed with the development of light weight acrylic stretching tapers and expanders and also some light wood tapers in which cases for sizes up to 10mm to 12mm they can be worn after the initial stretching process. This has lead to a great variety of fancy tapers which are now used in a similar fashion to ear plugs and flesh tunnels are decorative body jewelry

85 Item(s)
85 Item(s)