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Surgical Steel & Acrylic Attachments

Surgical steel with acrylic attachments such as balls and cones is great for those looking for the hypoallergenic properties of surgical steel combined with the low prices of acryl body jewelry. Surgical steel body jewelry with acrylic attachments combines these perfectly since the parts which comes in contact with the body is made from surgical steel and the parts which are not in contact with the body are made from inexpensive acrylics. Of course it is important that both the acrylic and surgical steel part meet the high quality standards required for body jewelry. This means the steel has to be 316L surgical steel which is compliant with the nickel release directives. And the acrylic attachments cannot allow any chemical substances which are harmful to the human body. Wholesale surgical steel body jewelry with acrylic balls and cones is just a great choice for any piercing studio or body jewelry retail shop since it allows to have a great variety of fancy and colorful items at very economic prices meanwhile still maintaining a healthy profit margin.
412 Item(s)
412 Item(s)