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Surface Barbells sold wholesale

Surface barbells are a less than 10 years old development of the body jewelry world. And is considered by many as one of the more serious body modifications since it required the implantation of a large piece of body jewelry under the skin. Surface balls are derived from a normal industrial barbell which is than bend in a wide U Shape. The typical angle of the bend is either 45 or 90 Degree. Surface barbells are always produced in 1.6mm thickness (14g) to avoid that the body rejects and migrate the barbell out of the skin with the time. The typical length of a surface barbell is from 16mm to 35mm (5/8" - 1 1/2") Surface barbells can be produced either in surgical steel or implant grade titanium. Obviously Titanium G23 is the most responsible action for these items since once inserted a surface barbell will remain under the skin forever or until surgically removed and therefore it is advisable to use implant grade Titanium G23 since it more bio compatible than surgical steel.
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46 Item(s)