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Spirals And Twisters sold wholesale

Spirals or also called twister barbells are the least commonly used piercings of the so called basic piercings. They have been around since the early days of body piercing jewelry and are very nice. However due to their shape they cannot be used for all body parts and are most commonly used as lip piercings, ear piercings, eyebrow piercings. The post of the spiral normally comes in two different thicknesses according to the application. With a thickness of 16g (1.2mm) It is mainly used as piercing for lip piercing, eyebrow piercing or tragus piercing and with a thickness of 14g (1.6mm) it is used as helix piercings. A spiral or twister barbells consist of a barbell tunnels in a coil shape for normally one complete turn but for some piercing such as the triple helix spiral they can have up to three turns. At both end of the spiral you will find two attachments which are normally of equal size and design being the most popular attachment sizes 2.5 - 4mm and the most usual inner diameter are 6mm to 10mm (1/4"" - 3/8"") The two main material used in the manufacturing of body piercing spiral are surgical steel and Titanium G23. However exotic materials such as gold or niobium can also be used.
162 Item(s)
162 Item(s)