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There are hundreds of wholesale body jewelry websites so why should you buy from Acha?

Of course customer who buy from us for many years knows the answer already but first time visitors to our site and new customer may not yet know some of the many reason why choosing Acha as your supplier is the best choice you can make for your business. Therefore we have asked our long time customer for their reasons to keep ordering with us over the years. And we would like to share this feedback with our potential customers since quite a few of these reasons are not easily appreciable by someones who has never ordered from us before.


  1. Fast Order Processing: In Acha Orders are prepared and made ready for shipment within 24 hours for all orders except very large orders of over 5000 USD. And these very large orders will be ready to ship within 48 hours.
  2. Dedicated Sales Representatives: In Acha each customer is assigned to a sales representative who will take care of all the orders of this customer from us. This sales representative also takes care of all customer from the country of the customer so he will know exactly what are the custom and shipping requirements of that country in addition to be knowledgeable of the market conditions being able to suggest to the customer products which will sell good in that specific country.
  3. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: Other company will only allow their customer to send back items which are defect or have been sent by mistake. In Acha however we allow the customer 30 days to check the products and within this time span the customer can ask for the goods to be returned & refunded without any reason. This means if you ordered an item and once you receive it you think it has no potential in your market you can return it.
  4. Quality Materials: In Acha all body jewelry is made exclusively with high quality material such as implant grade surgical steel and implant grade titanium, click here to know more about the materials used in our body jewelry.
  5. Strict Quality Control: Every item is checked several times until it is finally shipped to the customer ensuring that the customer only receives items in perfect conditions.
  6. Custom Displays and Packing solutions: Starting from a minimum order of just a few displays per type we can prepare customs made displays for our customer where the items on the display as well as the stickers on the front are completely customized to the specific needs of the customer, in addition should you require items packed in sets or special packages we can also do this for you freeing yourself up to do the thing you want to which is selling your products.
  7. Big Range of Items: In Acha we currently have over 5000 Items and we cover basically all items families which exist in the world of body jewelry so Acha is you perfect partner where you can find all you need for your business avoiding the problems which arise when sourcing your body jewelry from many different suppliers.
  8. We carry even the unusual sizes and colors: In other website you will find items in standard sizes and if you are lucky in up to 8 crystal colors. However in Acha we have even the special sizes such as 7/9/11/13/15/17/18/20 mm. And when it comes to crystal colors we offer for most of our products an amazing color range composed of over 15 colors for each size. And of course for plugs we also continue this tradition with items from the tiny size of 16g ( 1.2mm) to the huge 2” (52mm) size
  9. 99.99% Order Fulfillment: We have a huge stock of all items on our website which result in no items missing from your order or if the order is very large just a few items. So basically all the items you order are in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours. So you can rest assured that you will receive all the items you have counted on when deciding to place your order with us
  10. Complete Stock: Having reasonable stock levels with a good stock control system in place allows us to be able to always serve our customer the requested items and not run out constantly of basics and bestsellers. So you can rest assured that on our website you will always find exactly what you need with very few options being temporary out of stock.
  11. Acha is good company to work for: In Acha all employees are treated well and are paid a fair salary. Click here to learn more about the work conditions for our employees.
  12. Acha is a company you can trust: There are a lot of wholesale websites which appear these days on the market and disappear in less than 2 years so you can never be sure that for your next order you still can order the same items from the same company. Acha has been established now for 15 years and we are still growing strong and decided to do what we do best which being the wholesales supplier of quality body jewelry at wholesale prices which means you can rest assured that we will always be there for you.
  13. Guaranteed Delivery: Even shipping with the most reliable companies such as DHL, FedEx UPS or EMS some shipments will be lost. Other suppliers will let the customer deal with the shipping carrier for a refund of the goods in the case a package is list. However when you buy in Acha you don’t have to worry about that because in the case the package is lost we will immediately reship the order completely free of charge for the customer and later deal with the shipping carrier our self.
  14. We speak you language and understand what you want: In our company our sales team members do not speak only English but also are fluent in German, French and Spanish. With most of our sales team members having spend a considerable amount of time abroad to learn not only the specific language but also the culture of that country.
  15. Trained and knowledgeable sales employees: In Our company sales employees are trained for 4 months before being allowed to have direct contact with any customer and the initial training program last for their entire first year of employment with us ensuring that the sales representative who will take care of you can answer any question you may have regarding products, shipping modalities or customs for your country.
  16. Acha is a company focused on customer service: For us in Acha everything revolves around offering the best possible service to our customer. We do not try like other companies to increase the order amount of the customer by recommending expensive items but will instead recommend you only items which we think you are going to sell for sure in your market. And should we see that due to a typo in an order you have ordered the wrong quantity. (Example 100 pcs instead of 10 pcs) we will inform you about this at the time we prepare the order and issue the invoice.
  17. Acha is a real company: We are not one of those shady internet businesses which resides outside of town in a rundown industrial warehouse or operate out of a small rented room in a residential area. Our head office and showroom is located on Tanao road which is one of the main roads for jewelry wholesalers in Thailand and only 50m away from the world famous Khao San road. Click here to see pictures of our shop.
  18. Acha develops new Body Jewelry: We do not limit ourselves to just offering basics and fancy designs copied from other suppliers in the market but instead continuously develop completely new items and concepts. So you can rest assured that when buying from Acha you will always have some unique body jewelry none of your competitors has got yet giving our customer a competitive advantage.
  19. If you buy an item in Acha you can reorder it: Many of our competitors introduce hundreds of items every month but once the initial lot is sold out this item will never come back to their stock which means for their customer they are not able to reorder missing sizes or colors which make it nearly impossible for them to sell what they have left in stock without giving huge discounts which destroy they profit or even cause loses. In Acha when we introduce an item we will carry it for at least 3 years but normally much longer than this.
  20. In Acha your data is secure: When you buy in Acha we will not take the information from your order and then approach your competitors recommending them the same items you just bought. All the information you give to our company and our sales person will be used only to improve our service to you.
  21. Fair Pricing: In Acha all customer receive the same pricing conditions which will only vary according to the order amount and it does not matter if a customer has been working with us for years or just started ordering with us so you can rest assured that should any of your competitors buy from Acha they are not getting better conditions than yourself.
  22. Easy and secure credit card payments: Since we know that cyber crime is on the rise we do not accept payments on our own website via a cheap but unsecure credit card service company and have instead signed an agreement with PayPal which allow our customer to realize their payment on PayPal own website after introducing the Invoice Number and Amount in our own website. Ensuring that your sensitive credit card data is protected by the leader in online Payments.
  23. Fast & cheap shipping: Since we are a large company and we have a lot of international shipments leaving our premises every day we have been able to negotiate very special conditions with DHL and FedEx which translates in very low shipping cost and very fast shipments. Choosing the appropriate carrier for your country you can expect to receive the items within 2 working days after you have paid for your order.
  24. In Acha you will receive exactly what you ordered: Product pictures in acha show the item how they are in reality with the only enhancement being done to correct technical issues with the light and reflection and contrast. In addition we will only send you exactly the sizes and colors you ordered and never substitute colors or sizes which are out of stock by others without your prior approval.
  25. Professional pictures: If you want to sell our products via your own website or need pictures to create a printed catalog we make your life easier because we supply images of all the items you bought as jpeg or even PSD files for your personal use completely free of charge.
  26. We are experts in international shipping: When you order with Acha our sales representative will assist you will all legal ways possible to reduce the amount of taxes you have to pay. We can prepare FTA, GSP, JTEPPA and form of origin for you which will greatly reduce the amount of import taxes you will have to pay once the order arrives your country.
  27. Orders are packed carefully: In Acha we pack all items very carefully and separated by colors and sizes to make it as easy as possible for our customer to add the order to their inventory once the package arrives them. In addition all items are carefully wrapped in protective bubble wrap to ensure that they arrive our customer in perfect conditions.
  28. Our sales team is always there for you: Acha opens all year around 7 days a week being closed in the entire year only for 7 – 8 days around the New Year and the Thai Songkran festival. During the rest of the year any enquiry or request or order will be replied and processed within 24 hours.
  29. Acha is a green company: In Acha we are conscious about the negative effect our business can have over the environment and we constantly try to reduce this by reducing our electricity consumption in addition to constantly strive to reduce the amount of waste we produce and recycle any remaining waste. You can read more about this here .
  30. Over 2000 wholesale customer cant be wrong: Our company has been chosen by over 2000 regular wholesale customers many of which having long experience in the field of body jewelry as their main supplier. All these customer agree that we are their best choice for their wholesale needs.