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Body Piercing Barbells for wholesale orders

Barbells is the most simple and common type of piercing jewelry after the very mainstream nose and ear piercings. They have been used in one form or another since ancient times since it has been found that even cave men's used bones as decoration for perforated parts of the body and of course a typical bones looks very similar to a modern barbell. These items can be manufactured from a great variety of materials such as 316L steel, Titanium G23, Acrylic and Boiled.

Any barbell will always consist of three parts which are one upper attachments and one lower attachment and the central post. The attachments are normally identically sized but for barbells used for tongue piercing the lower attachment is always a ball of a comfortable size such as 5 mm to be comfortable whereas the upper attachment can have a great variety of shapes and sizes since this is the only part which can be seen.

This type of piercing jewelry come in great variety of sizes being the main three family the following. Micro barbells which are used for the eyebrow or tragus penetration which have normally a thickness of 0.6 mm to 1.2 mm (20 g - 16 g) and with attachments of 2 - 4 mm. After that we have the standard size which is 1.6 mm (14 g) which is the sizes used for tongue and nipple and industrial piercing and which usually is used with balls ranging from 4 mm to 6 mm. Finally we have the so called big gauges in which all barbells larger than 1.6 mm (14 g) are called. These can be as thick as 00 g (10 mm) and have balls up to 12 mm in diameter. Big gauge barbells are normally only used for tongue piercings.

1194 Item(s)
1194 Item(s)