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The Acha Team

Klaus w Ernst

Operation Manager

  • German, Spanish, English

I’m originally from northern Germany but I spend my Childhood in Spain due to the fact that my parents started a small sail making company there. Since I have always enjoyed talking with the customers of our company I decided to study hotel management at University since I wanted to work in something which allows me to be in direct contact with customers. During the end of my studies I did my final 6 month internship in the 4 star hotel Radisson Bangkok and finalized my studies with the gold medal for the best average grade of my year. After working in several hotels in Thailand I decided to learn more about sales in the hospitality industry and I worked for a nearly 2 years of an Incoming tour agency in Bangkok being in direct contact with customers from Spain and Germany.

Due to the political problems in Thailand at that time the Spanish marked decreased drastically and when looking for a new job opportunity I came across a available sales position in Acha which required a person experienced in sales who could speak either German or Spanish in addition to English. When I started in Acha the German and Spanish marked where rather under developed for their potential and I set out to change this by offering the most efficient customer service and by quickly learning all the technical aspects of body jewelry since I had realized quickly that in many other competing companies sales people had less knowledge than their customer. Within my first year in the company the sales to my two core markets had tripled. After my first year in the company I was offered the position of sales supervisor which I gladly accepted. During my time as sales supervisor I implemented the same service standards which before I developed and used for German and Spanish speaking countries to all other countries in Acha with lead to a huge increase in sales due to the fact that most customer who order from us once would become returning customers.

With these result the company decided to offer me the position of operations manager when this position became available which I saw as a great challenge but accepted. Now as operation manager I primarily focus on improving the efficiencies of all systems within the company and to ensure that customers, employees and shareholders are all satisfied with the company since I strongly believe that for a successful organization it is extremely important that all three interest groups are equally taken good care of. And this means Acha has to deliver high quality goods and a premium service to customer meanwhile offering above average working conditions to our employees and still delivering healthy profits to our shareholders.

Sales Department

Didi Sivaranon

Sales Supervisor

  • German, English, Thai

I went after my high school as an exchange student to Germany for one year by awarding the scholarship from Rotary. Upon my return to Thailand, I decided to study for a bachelor degree in German language at Thammasat University and in my final year, I was awarded a scholarship from Goethe Institute Bangkok to join the language course at Goethe Institute Hamburg, Germany for one month.

When I returned to Thailand for a second time after graduating with the 1st class honors in German Language, I was offered a position as Data Coordinator for Smart Data Solution Tourist Company which is a subsidiary of TUI Germany. After working there for over one year in early 2014, I decided that it was time for me to move on since I wanted to get a new job where I could fully use my language skills combined with customer service skills and when I came across the open position in Acha, I knew that this was the kind of work I was looking for.

Upon my arrival in Acha I was trained very thoroughly by our sales supervisor in customer service and technical aspects of body jewelry in order to be able to offer the customers the best possible service. After more than 2 months of intensive training, I was finally assigned my first own 2 countries (Australia and New Zealand) and received my first real customer. Since then I strive to deliver the best possible customer service and this lead very quickly to success being able to increase the number of customer who repeat their order with us. So I was assigned some additional countries. My goal as sales representative is not so much to increase the sales I make to customer from my countries but the level of satisfaction and positive feedback and to ensure that my customer are happy when they order from us.

Sunny Makkaman

German Speaking Export Sales Executive

  • German, English, Thai

My Name is Sunny and I was born in Bangkok but when I was seven years old my parents immigrated to Germany so I spend my entire childhood in Germany. Once I finished high school I got a degree in touristic and later furthered my education with a degree in retail sales. After that I have worked for several small and medium companies as sales representative being always in direct contact with customers. After having spend 30 years in Germany I was looking for a new professional challenge. Since I had never before worked in my home country Thailand I decided that this could be a good idea since it would allow me to discover my roots meanwhile working in a completely different cultural environment. After my arrival in Thailand I looked for a company with a foreign management where I could make use of my sales, cultural and language skill. When I came across Acha the position of sales representative in charge of the German market was really appealing to me since I would be able to make full use of my knowledge meanwhile working in a Thai company.

After an initial training period of two month in which I learned all the technical details of body jewelry as well as the aspects of international shipping and the Acha service standard I was assigned my first customer. Currently I have worked 2 years in Acha and in this time the German market has continuously grown and now become the most important market for our company. When I deal with Acha customer it is very important for me to give them a first class service experience which should be as good or if possible better than anything they can get from a wholesaler in their own country. I believe that Acha high service standard combined with our premium quality body jewelry is unbeatable at our prices.

Kris Noisripoom


  • English, Thai

Leo Ha

Spanish Speaking Export Sales Executive

  • Spanish, Korean, English

Born in Korea, raised in Chile, graduated in Switzerland, worked in Egypt, China, and currently based in Thailand.

I moved to Chile when I was 100 days old, as my parents opened a lumber export business there. Since a very early childhood, I was always influenced into the entrepreneurial culture by my family. In time, I grew a peculiarly passionate interest in the hotel industry, eventually setting dream and objective to open a hotel property someday.

After having graduated in an international school in Chile, I went on to pursue my dream by going to Switzerland, where I graduated from bachelor of business administration in food and beverage operations, and international hotel management with honours in entrepreneurship.

During the four years and a half, I have persisted to cover different working areas and placements, including guest relations at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Seoul (Korea), tour agency in Cairo (Egypt), digital marketing in Shenzhen (China), and wine imports & exports of Chilean wines in Shanghai (China).

Currently settled in Thailand, I have joined Acha as a Spanish Speaking Sales Representative to further advance into my ambition, working with a remarkably experienced and particular team in the field of body jewelry, while interacting and serving qualitative products to our prospects globally.

Furthermore, in order to fulfill our prospect’s preferences, I seek to broaden my experience by expanding on technical knowledge, communication delivery, and closing skill sets. This I believe will directly reflect upon Acha’s already renowned premium service, products, and worldwide reputation.

Tony Lhupreechaseth

Export Sales Executive

  • English, Thai

I have grown up in Bangkok and when I finished high school I decided to go for a bachelor degree in law since I knew that this knowledge would be useful for me and there are many possibilities with a degree in this field. However during the time I studied I realized that I really enjoyed talking to people and for this reason I thought that working in customer service field would be a good choice to me because as long as you love what you do you will succeed in doing it.

Once I completed my bachelor degree in law I started to work at the front office of the Five Star InterContinental Bangkok Hotel as a receptionist. Since this was completely different from what I done previously it was quite difficult for me at the beginning but with hard work and commitment I was able to learn all the required skills within a short time. After a few years my dedication was finally recognized when the management assigned me to the as receptionist for the Club Lounge for VIP customers. This was followed by a promotion to supervisor once the management had been able to see that I take care of the guest with a high level or professionalism always following the brand standards. After another few years a promotion to Duty Manager followed which gave me the opportunity to talk to customer for more than the standard procedures and during that time I noticed that I really enjoyed not only solving customers problems but also selling to them upgrades or other additional services.

After having worked for more than 10 years in the hotel industry in the same hotel I decided that it was time for a change. During this time I became aware that Achadirect was looking for a new sales person and the fact that they mention specifically that they would prefer people with hotel experience really caught my interest. When I applied for this position I was positively impressed by the way that their understanding of sales is very much in line with what I learned from the hotel which is that the best way to sell is to keep existing customer happy and repeating again and again. After an intensive 4 month training period during which I was thought by the sales team members all the technical aspects of concerning the sales aspect of wholesale body jewelry I was finally allowed to start taking care of my very first own customer. During the training period and after a great emphasis is placed on ensuring that all required task are done within the required time frame and according to the quality standard developed by Acha.

As a new Sales Representative, i want to acquire more experience in dealing with customer and fulfilling our client's requirement which I think it is the most important skill set for a Sales person. I am also keen on expanding my technical knowledge base every day with all aspect concerning the job so that with the time I will become an experienced sales person and be able to provide the premium high quality customer service Acha is famous for.

Sabrina Mieville

French Speaking Export Sales Executive

  • French, English, Thai

Mina Krupanich

French Speaking Export Sales Executive

  • French, English, Thai

My Name is Mina, I come from a small Island called Koh Chang in the east of Thailand which is very famous as a holiday destination, Due to this since a early age I was exposed to foreigners and tourist. After primary and secondary school I was recommended by my grandma to attend a very prestigious high school in the capital of Thailand Bangkok, Also at this high school I would be able to study some interesting second languages such as Japanese Spanish and French. And I really wanted to study a second language in order to later have better opportunities. Finally I decided to go for French since I found this language and the French culture very interesting. For my university I choose to study French in Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand in order to start to live independently and stand on my own feet. After finishing my Bachelors degree I worked as Cabin Crew for a local Airline where I had my first opportunity to use French with some of the passengers. After 2 years of working as a cabin crew I felt like I wanted to further my education in order to get additional knowledge and I choose to do my MBA in Bangkok and work part time as French tutor. Once I finished my studies I then looking for a job where I could use all the knowledge I had acquired and when I saw the job opening for French speaking sales person in Acha I decided to take the chance and give it a try. Today one year later I can say that this has been one of the best decision in my live because after the initial training period which was very thorough I was assigned to take care of the French and US market and within a just a few month I was able to increase the sales to these two key markets substantially. I feel very motivated to work In this company and this is not only because of the good income I get but also because I am able to use all my skills and I regularly get very positive feedback from my customer and this is what really matters to me. And my own motto has always been 'Love what you do and do what you love'

Department Heads

Sudta Phosarat

Production Manager

My name is Sutta and I come from a small rural town in the north east of Thailand. After I finished my high school, I decided to move to Bangkok to find a good paying work since my older sister was already working in Bangkok. After I have worked in some other companies, I started working with Acha in 2003 as a junior packing girl. Since I found the job interesting I worked extremely hard especially because I also saw that this company will give me the opportunity to grow and develop myself further. At the same time I also studied on my days off to gain a Bachelor degree of Communication at University since I believe that I will be use this knowledge to improve my skill at work. As a packing girl I always gave 100% working in all the different production departments of the company.

Finally in 2010 I was promoted to Crystal Supervisor. During my time as Supervisor I was in charge of managing a team of 6 persons and in addition I was responsible for the purchasing of all the crystals and stones. During that period I always made sure that people in my team will provide only products with the best quality to our customers. In addition I also shared my technical knowledge with junior employees to allow them to advance their own career. My main focus during that time was to ensure that my department always works as efficiently as possible. After 3 years, the position of Production Manager became available, and the management decided to give me the opportunity to prove myself as the Production Manager because of my previous success in managing my own department.

Today, I am the manager of the biggest operational division in Acha with 50 persons under my responsibility and even most of the people in my team have a very limited education, I am able to mold them into an effective production team which is able to deliver premium quality products in a timely manner to customer giving them a first class service which is better than most of our competitors. Beside of managing my own division and ensure that they work according to the established standards I also regularly join the Sales team and work with them in order to understand the every changing needs of our customer’s and to get a better understanding about how they will use and sell our jewelry, this helps me to gain valuable feedback which enable me to provide the premium quality body jewelry Acha is famous for.