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Pictures and Videos about our facilities.

Take a virtual tour through our company exploring how body Jewelry is produced and prepared at a wholesale scale for sale over our web store.  This video was taken to enable our customers to experience firsthand what Acha looks like without having to travel to our head office on Khao San Road in Bangkok Thailand which is the key location where several international body jewelry distributors are located. In addition it allows our customer to see the production of fine pieces of body jewelry by our skilled employees .


Our Showroom and our Sales Department

  • Our Shop as seen from the street

    It is located in a colonial age shop house on the famous Tanao road which is one of the centers for wholesale silver jewelry in Thailand. It is just under 100m away from the well known Khao San Road.

  • Our Ground Floor showroom

    In our showroom on the ground floor you will find a large selection of body jewelry displays as well as Surgical steel and anodized 316L steel basic Body jewelry. Also shown here are Dangling belly bananas and silver and gold nose piercing jewelry, Sterilized body jewelry and acrylic body Jewelry.

  • Our Second Floor Showroom

    In this showroom you will find a fine selection of organic Plugs and Tunnels as well as our great selection of Titanium G23 Body Jewelry. Also located in this room are our range of fake plugs and other non piercing fake body jewelry as well as our range of silicon items and a small selection of stainless steel jewelry.

  • Friendly and well trained packing girls

    Take care of preparing the orders of our customer. When the order is prepared each item is double check to ensure that only high quality piercing products reach our customer.

  • 1St Floor Sales Department

    This is our core sales department where our experience sales employee take care seven days a week to answer enquires from customer and processing orders. Since most of our system are online and organized with our specialized software sales employees can dedicate nearly all of their time to assist our customer with special requesting our suggesting new body jewelry.

  • 2nd Floor Sales Department

    Due to the fact that Acha has steadily grown over the years our sale department had to expand to the 2nd floor of our building. All our sales employees take care only of customers from an allocated number of countries to ensure that they can fully concentrate on learning the body jewelry trends specific to their market. This has made Acha sales employees extremely good adviser for quality piercings which sell and generate profit for our customer.


Preparation of Wholesale Body Jewelry orders

  • Order preparation in the showroom

    Immediately after the customer placed an order of body jewelry with Acha the order is printed and then giving to one of our qualified packing employees who will start to prepare the order taken the items from our huge stock comprising over 50.000 different pieces of body jewelry. During the order preparation great attention is given to double check each items and to ensure that we prepare the order exactly as per customer instructions.

  • Production of customer orders

    Once our showroom employees have finished to prepare the order of wholesale piercing any item which were not available in the showroom are produced by our Customer Order department which is specialized in producing all type of Body Jewelry in the smallest amount of time.

  • Preparation of custom displays or special packaging.

    Acha has many different customer and as different as the customer are, are there needs also. Therefore we offer custom packing of Body Jewelry or customized body Jewelry to all our professional customers. Most of the time small and medium orders can be prepared within the same day or at least the same week and only very large piercing orders require a preparation time of more than one week

  • Customer Order Production Management

    With so many daily orders of body jewelry supplies of course it is essential to have a skilled work force with dedicated and supervisors committed to 100% customer satisfaction. All this is supported by a customized computer system which helps our employees to keep track of all open orders and allocate our resources correctly to ensure that all orders are prepared correctly and as quick as possible.

  • The shipping department checks each order carefully before the shipment

    Once an order of body jewelry is ready for shipment the account manager will give the order to our shipping department which will carefully check that each item in the box matches exactly what the customer ordered and paid for and correct any replace any wrong items.

  • Items are being carefully wrapped to prevent damages during the shipment

    Once the piercing jewelry order has been checked carefully each items is wrapped carefully in protective bubble wrap to protect in during the transport and to ensure that it arrives our customer in perfect conditions. Once the items have been packed they are placed in the shipping box from the selected carrier and sealed immediately to avoid potential mix up with other orders.


Our Production Departments where high quality Body Jewelry is produced

  • Quality Control Department

    As a supplier of high quality body jewelry we have established rigorous quality checks for all of our body jewelry products. And therefore the quality department is one of the largest departments in our company and where only the most skilled and dedicated employees are allowed to work.

  • Quality Control of Premium Body Jewelry

    Each piece of Body Jewellery is individually checked by trained professionals

    to ensure that only product in a premium quality reaches our customer. Additionally each item is also check to make sure that size and color is within our defined quality standard parameters. So that our customer receive consistently the same item each time they reorder.

  • Surgical Steel and Acrylics Stock Order Production Department

    In our production department for 316L steel body jewelry and acrylic piercings we assemble body jewelry from pre produced parts and glue crystal or set CZ stones to finalize them into fine pieces of body jewelry. All our body jewelry production employees work in a excellent work environment with sufficient space adequate lightning and good ventilation.

  • Production of premium body piercings by experienced and professional employees

    In our company every one of our employee understand and lives following our target of 100% customer Satisfaction which we try to archive by delivering the best possible quality and the most competitive prices in the market. Every day our production employee work hard to try to reach the set production and quality targets.

  • Department of display and packaged Body Jewelry

    Many of our customer prefer to buy their body jewelry mounted on displays already. And in the Department of display and packaged Body Jewelry this is exactly what we do creating body jewelry display for our customer. These displays are created using our extensive knowledge of which items colors and sizes sell best therefore you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible selection if your buy one of our body piercing jewelry displays.

  • Supervision of Department of display and packaged Body Jewelry

    Control of the body jewelry on display department is essential to ensure that in our showroom at any moment we have a sufficient stock of  piercing displays ready for immediate shipment. In addition we also do the forecasting and analyze of the body jewelry products needed for the production of piercing displays according to the current and forecasted demand.

  • Silver and Gold Nose Jewellery Production Department

    Since Acha started initially as a supplier of silver nose jewelry it is even 13 years later one our core competencies.  And we are one of the leading exporters of sterling silver nose jewelry in Thailand being our items constantly praised by our customer for their consistent high quality.

  • Production of high quality silver and gold nose jewelry

    When producing high quality 925 silver nose jewelry it is very important to have skilled employees since the items are really tiny and it is therefore difficult to set the crystals or cubic zirconia correctly. Luckily for our company most of our silver nose jewelry production employee have worked in our company for 10 years already and therefore have the required experience to produce silver nose piercing of an exceptional quality

  • Management of the Silver and Gold Nose Jewelry Production Department

    Managing the silver and gold Nose jewelry department required skilled and responsible supervisor due to the fact that on a daily basis we deal with a great volume of orders and all the raw material are very expensive metals and crystals.

  • Gold & Silver Product Manager and Production Manager

    Managing the complicated production of premium quality body jewelry in the large quantities our company produces requires a highly skilled and motivated leadership with a long experience. Luckily for our company we have the person we need for this job and both of our production managers have been working with acha since the early days of our company having started in very basic supervisor work and then working their way up the career ladder until now becoming the managers of our production department.

Our Administrative Support departments

  • Acha Graphic Department

    In our graphic department we design sticker for our body jewelry displays as well as taking picture for our online wholesale body jewelry web store. In addition to that we design customized packaging solution for our customer.

  • Purchasing and Quality Administration

    To maintain our stock of high quality body jewelry we have to constantly re purchase body jewelry parts from our long term suppliers. In addition to that we also monitor in this department the quality of our suppliers and our own production to ensure that all the body jewelry we sell to our customer is of a consistent and high quality.

  • Administration, Accounting, Human Resources and IT Department

    In order to keep our company running we require also a substantial administrative support which is given by the member of our administration department. Which work hard to allow the rest of the Acha team to keep our wholesale customer happy with our body jewelry products.