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Seamless And Segment Rings sold wholesale

The Segment ring is a recent development of the body jewelry world dating back around 20 years ago in the mid nineties. The ring can have different thicknesses according to the intended use. With a thickness of 16 g (1.2 mm). It is normally worn as eyebrow piercing or tragus piercing and with a thickness of 14 g (1.6 mm) it is used as nipple ring or ear piercing where it can also be worn in big gauges thickness of the ring is bigger than 14 g (1.6 mm).

The seamless ring is a very simple piece of body jewelry composed of a ring which is has one part which can be removed when slightly spreading the ring this part is called the segment. In order to put it back in position all the piercer or user have to do is slightly spread the ring again so that the segment can fit into its correct position.

The inner diameter of the segment is by some people also referred to as size or length and is normally between 1/4"" to 3/8"" (6 mm to 10 mm) for the eyebrow and tragus piercing and between 3/8"" and 5/8"" (10 mm and 16 mm) for the other applications such as ear piercing or nipple rings.

When looking to source captive rings it is extremely important to buy them from a serious piercing wholesaler or factory since even this items looks simple the ring itself and the segment have to be crafted perfectly from annealed materials to ensure that it is possible to remove and put back the segment without damaging the ring itself or deforming its shape.

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285 Item(s)