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Pvd Plated Body Piercing Jewelry sold wholesale

PVD Body Jewellery or also PVD coated Body Jewellery is Body Piercing Jewellery which received its colors via the PVD plating process. So what is actually PVD Plating and why it is so special? PVD stands for physical vapor deposition which is a type of vacuum deposition of the paint particles on the surface of the Body Piercing Jewelry. During this process the item to be plated is submitted to a negative electric energy charge and the vapor of atomized paint particles to a positive electric current. Due to this difference in electric energy the paint particles are attracted one by one to the pieces of Body Jewelry to be plated and adheres itself firmly to the surface of the product. PVD plating technology has been used in the manufacture of Body Jewellery since the late 1990’s to prolong the life of colored Body Jewelry products since it is much more scratch resistant then the standard anodizing process used before. It is important to understand that PVD Body Jewellery is not to be confused with the so called titanium anodized Body Jewelry in which a thin layer of titanium is deposited on the Body Jewellery to be later anodized just by an electric current because even this process is able to produce more different and brighter colors, the thin layer of Titanium tends to peel of very quickly. So knowing the difference we highly recommend to buy PVD plated Body Jewellery since this means you are able to sell products to your customer which they will be able to enjoy for a longer time.
598 Item(s)
598 Item(s)