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Nose Bones sold wholesale

Nose bone are one the 3 basic body jewelry types used for nose piercings. Nose bones exist since thousands of years in the Indian and also some African and middle east cultures. They are one the piercing types most accepted by the general public and worn by members of all social classes everywhere in the world. Nose Bones are also a very simple nose jewelry consisting of a single indivisible piece of the same material. It can be divided in the following parts: The lower ball also called stopper ball which avoids that the nose bones can move out of the nose piercing in the upward direction. To the ball the post is connected. The thickness of the post normally is between 0.6mm to 1mm (22g to 18g). At the top of the post the nose bone has its decorative top which can comes in a variety of designs from a plain ball shaped top over glued crystal to beautifully prong set genuine diamonds. Nose bones can be made out of many different types of materials but the standard are surgical steel nose bones for the initial nose piercing and once this is healed normally silver nose bones are used. Nose Bones retainer which are used to hide the piercing during formal occasions or during working time are made out of clear acrylic or clear bioflex. Titanium or anodized surgical steel nose bones also exist but are much less popular than the mainstream silver nose bones.
584 Item(s)
584 Item(s)