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Labret piercing sold wholesale

Labrets are one of the most common piercing types these days and they have a very long tradition since they have been used traditionally by many indigenous tribes for generations.They can be made from many different materials such as surgical steel, titanium G23, bioflex, and of course for gauges bigger than 2 mm also from organic materials such as wood, horn or bones in which case the labret have a similar appearance to a ear plug. However a standard 16 or 14 g labret can be divided into 3 parts.

The "tongue pillar" base plate measuring normally 4 – 5 mm in diameter which must have a perfectly rounded edge since it will be the part located inside the mouth attached to the center of the item will be the labret post which can be of varying thickness being the most standard size 16 g. The length of the post varies according to the location of the piercing. Monroe piercing normally require a length of ¼” (6 mm) and lower lip piercing a length of 5/16” (8 mm).

Cheek piercing items are normally between 9/16” and 5/8” (14 mm and 16 mm). Beside of these standard uses of the labrets they can be worn also as tragus piercings or helix piercing in which case the normal length is length is either 1/4” and 5/16” (6 mm and 8 mm).

726 Item(s)
726 Item(s)