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Flesh tunnels are very closely related to plugs being the only difference that they have a hole through the middle which makes it possible to look through the stretched piercing. Same as for plugs flesh tunnels are one of the oldest form of body jewelry used for body modifications and its origins can be traced back as early as 2000 BC to the Incas or 1500 BC by the Egyptians however it is thought that this flesh tunnels have been used much longer.

This type of body jewelry can be produced from a broad range of materials being the most common at this time Acrylic, Surgical steel, Silicon, Wood and Stone.

They are can come in many different forms and shapes being the most common the following:

  • A double-flared Flesh tunnels or also called eyelet plug . In this case the surface flares outward at both sides, and is a bit thinner towards the center. Due to this No o-rings are needed to keep the flesh tunnel in the piercing, but the wearable area needs to be wide enough to accommodate surrounding area of the stretched piercing being the stand size 10mm, 12mm.
  • A single flared flesh tunnel has just one flared end, which is usually worn on the front of the piercing, and no flare on the other end. Which is held in place by an o-ring. These items give the aesthetic of double-flared flesh tubes without requiring that the wearer to overstretch his ears to put the double flare flesh tunnel in.
  • A straight tunnel ear piercing is looks like a tube or pipe, without flares and is being kept in place with the help of two on sliding o-rings on both ends of the item.
  • A Screw fit ear tunnels is a modern variation of the double flare flesh tunnel in which one of the flares is actually a ring which can be screwed of which allows the use to put them in and take them out same like he would do with a single flare flesh tunnel and without having to overstretch his ear lobes. These screw fit flesh tunnel can be externally and internally threaded. The internally threaded have the advantage that there is not risk that the threading may injure the ear lobe during the process of putting them in.

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281 Item(s)