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Fake Plugs sold wholesale

Fake plugs are a modern invention and can be traced back to the early years of this millenium. It is thought that they originated from magnetic ear rings since the principal appereance and benefits are very similar. With the only difference that instead of being attached to the body via magnets it makes use of the normal 1.2mm (16g) ear stud hole many people have already. Of course this brings the added advantage that the jewlery is firmly attached to the body and can not be lost accidently by a strong movement. Fake plugs can be found made mainly from 3 basic materials. Being the most popular surgical steel followed by acrylic. The third material which is used much less frequently are the organic ones such as diverse woods, horns, and bones being the main reason their higher cost. A Fake plug always consit of 3 Parts. A Frontal disk which is what can be seen on the side of the ear facing away from the head. This disk can be designed in many ways and even included printed logos. On the other side of the ear facing the head is the back disk. This disk is normally of a plain design since it can not be seen by anyone. The two disk are always connected via a surgical steel post with a thickness of 1.2mm (16g) and with a standard length of 6mm. This post is the only part of the fake plugs which will go through the ear lobe. Fake plugs can come in a great variety of designs including crystal studded or epoxy covered ferido glued crystals. Or for those who prefer them to be more playfull there is a great variety of fake logo plugs with all sorts of design. In conclusion fake plugs are a great choice for those people who want to get the appereance of heaving stetched their ears without having to go trough the long process and without having to be afraid of any long term consequences.
435 Item(s)
435 Item(s)