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Fake Body Jewelry sold wholesale

Fake body jewelry which by some is also called illusion body jewelry or fake piercing jewelry are fashion jewelry which imitates a real piece of body jewelry and looks completely real but does not require for the actual piercing through the body. There are fake body jewelry for nearly all types of piercings however the most popular are fake labret studs, fake tragus studs and fake tongue studs. Fake Body Jewelry can be attached to the human body in many ways. The most common way are via magnetic and via suction. For the Helix or the Nipple also clips without a spring can be used. Fake Body Jewelry can be made from a great variety of materials being the most common surgical steel and acrylic. Fake Body Jewelry is great because since there are No Holes there is No Pain and no potential risk or Permanent Effects. This means you can get the look and appearance of an actual piercing with none of the drawbacks! Magnetic Earrings and studs are perfect for ears, labrets, nose and lips. Our magnetic labret studs and ear rings are great. All of our items look like the real thing and nobody will ever know that they are actually non piercing fake body jewelry
343 Item(s)
343 Item(s)