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Dermal Anchors sold wholesale

The dermal anchor is a recent development of body piercing jewelry and started to appear during the first years of this millennium. It was inspired by the medical trans dermal implants which are permanently connect to the body and allow patients to be supplied with medicines via a port through the skin. Starting from this the dermal anchor was born. A dermal anchor always consist of two separate parts. One is called the base plate which is the parts which sits actually under the skin. The base plate consist of a flat surface with several vertical holes in it to allow the skin to grow around and through it for a perfect attachment. in the middle or forward third of the base plate a internally threaded post is connected through the flat surface and this post is the part of the dermal anchor with passes through the skin connecting the top attachment to the lower supporting surface. The Dermal Anchor is completed by the dermal anchor top parts which consist of small and normally round attachments with a diameter between 2mm and 5mm and with a high rarely exceeding 3mm to avoid that the dermal anchor accidently get stuck with objects such as clothes. furniture or blankets when sleeping. Dermal anchor base plates are normally made out of implant grade Titanium G23 however some suppliers also will produce them in surgical steel. For the dermal anchor top parts they are available surgical steel and titanium G23 however most of the time titanium G23 is the preferred material.
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102 Item(s)