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Circular Barbells sold wholesale

The circular barbell is a very modern piece of body jewelry with a history dating back just to the late eighties. The post of barbell can have different thicknesses according to the application. With a thickness of 16 g (1.2 mm) It is mainly used as eyebrow piercing or lip piercing and with a thickness of 14 g (1.6 mm) it is used as nipple piercing or ear lobe piercing where it can also be worn in big gauges thickness of the post is bigger than 14 g (1.6 mm). Beside of the post a barbell will always have two attachments which can be screwed of. Normally these two attachments of the same size. The attachment come in a great variety of material shapes sizes and colors being the most popular the ball shaped with and without crystals.

The inner diameter of the mentioned jewelry pieces is sometimes referred to also as size or length and is normally between 1/4" to 3/8" (6 mm to 10 mm) for the eyebrow and lip piercing and between 3/8" and 5/8" (10 mm and 16 mm) for the other applications such as ear lobe piercing or nipple piercings.

When searching for such type of body jewelry it is very important to ensure getting the items from a reliable supplier in order to ensure that the shape of the circular barbell is correct and suitable for a beautiful piercing since many cheaper supplier deliver them in an unsymmetrical u shape which is not aesthetically appealing to potential customer.

513 Item(s)
513 Item(s)