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Body Jewelry Parts sold wholesale

Body Jewelry Parts are the basic components of body jewelry and essential when having a piercing studio or body jewelry shop. This is due to the fact that with these parts the experienced piercer or owners of a retail shop will be able to customize most piercing jewelry to ensure that the size match the requirements of the customer. In addition people wearing piercings will from time to time loose the attachments and therefore any place where piercing is should offer piercing replacement parts. Body Jewelry parts come in the same materials as other body jewelry also. As for shapes they can be differentiated in piercing posts and attachments such as balls, comes and dices. Of course there are also a few specially shaped attachment parts. Loose piercing balls and cones are great for the business since there are always customer asking for replacements balls and cones. So if you have body jewelry parts in your shop you can be assured that you will have a lot of satisfied customers.
449 Item(s)
449 Item(s)