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Ball Closure Rings sold wholesale

Ball closure rings are a very modern and also popular variety of body jewelry. It was created initially during the early days of the modern body jewelry trend around the late eighties. The Concept of the ball closure ring is a very simple one and that is that in order to close the opening of a ring a small ball with two indentation for the ends of the ring is used.

Since ball closure rings are always made out of flexible materials such as Titanium or Surgical steel or in some cases Acrylic this lead to the closure ball to be firmly engaged between both ends of the ring. Captive hoops are come in a create variety of sizes and thickness being the most usual 1.2 mm and 1.6 mm (14 g , 16 g). This type of body jewelry can be worn in all the typical body parts except for the tongue. When used for the eyebrow or lip or tragus normally it is used in 1.2 mm (1.6 mm) thickness and when used for nipple piercing 14 g (1.6 mm) thickness. In the Ear lobe bigger thickness up to 10 mm (00 g) can be used but the heavy weight of these items makes wearing them rather uncomfortable with an increased risk for overstretching and blow outs.

416 Item(s)
416 Item(s)