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Wholesale Body Jewellery UK

We are a Wholesale Body Jewellery and Piercing Distributor online since 2001. Today, more than a thousand professional customers trust us in the United Kingdom. We aim to service body piercing professional piercers and tattoo studios based in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

For your convenience, our multilingual customer service is always available to answer any question about ordering piercings in bulk and offer you a unique and personalised treatment. In addition, we will advise you on the different customs procedures, it is much easier than it seems. We offer free delivery for orders over £300 and delivery only takes 2-3 working days to arrive to any country in UK  

All our products pass strict quality controls and comply with several Material Quality Certifications. What makes us the best online piercing wholesaler is our extreme attention to each item and have a rigorous Quality Control process in 2 steps that none of our competitors offers.  

Our online catalogue has been created to facilitate browsing and product search for Piercing specialists and tattoo professionals.

How to buy Body Jewellery

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Throughout the purchase process, our Sales Representative will be responsible for answering your questions and inquiries by email or telephone. Feel free to ask any questions that you might have and we will try our best to answer you.

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100% satisfaction guaranteed thanks to our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and additional discounts to our VIP clients.

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Our team guarantees that the order is prepared and is ready to be shipped within a maximum period of only 24 hours.

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Discover more than 9,000 piercing jewellery products we have to offer. Choose the colour, size and quantity and pass the order online.

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The customer receives a tracking number by email. The delivery is made by one of our partners (DHL, UPS or FedEx) to your address in United Kingdom in only 3-5 days. In case of loss or damage to the goods, we cover all expenses and we take care of the free replacement.

Paypal Payment

We send the invoice and the payment is made securely through PayPal. Thanks to PayPal Buyer Protection our customers are fully protected in their purchases and against fraud up to 180 days.

Buy Wholesale Piercing Jewellery UK in Display, Bulk or Unit

We provide high quality piercings, accessories, parts and materials for professional piercers in our online wholesale body jewellery supplier catalogue. 

In you will find a great variety of surgical steel and stainless-steel piercings and titanium, gold and sterilised piercings among other quality materials at factory price

Access to our online catalogue of Wholesale Piercings reserved for Professionals and Resellers. We have more than 9000 references that you can buy per unit, in lots of piercings, in display panel or display. Our website is built for all those professionals who want to buy Piercing material and wholesale accessories for Tattoo salons and Piercing studios. The minimum order is only £125 and we have extraordinary discounts for quantity..

Belly Bars

Wholesale Belly Piercings

Wholesaler of navel piercings, curved barbell, bellybutton piercings, rings, pendants, special for pregnant women and many others in sterilised steel, surgical steel, titanium and acrylic.

Belly Bars

Tongue Bars

Distributor of barbells and piercings for the tongue

Supplier of tongue bars and straight bars eyebrow, nipple, tragus, etc. Basic piercings and internal thread in steel, anodized, titanium G23 or acrylic.

Tongue Piercing 

Plugs and Tunnels

Flesh Tunnels Supplier

We also offer Flesh Tunnels and Plugs, screw-fit, double-flared, saddle-fit, single-flared, wholesale in surgical steel, acrylic, silicone, natural stone, bone and other organic materials.

Flesh Tunnels and Plugs

Labrets studs

Lip piercings wholesale

Variety of labrets studs and piercings for the lip wholesale and at the best market price. Models in 316L steel, BioFlex, titanium, acrylic and 14ct Gold gold among others.


Eyebrow Piercing

Eyebrow Piercing in Bulk

Wholesale of curved bar for the eyebrow. Large selection of balls and spikes for the ends. Sale in batch or display at affordable prices.

Eyebrow Bars

Horseshoe Rings

Wholesale CBR Circular Barbell in Bulk

Supplier of Horseshoe Rings, circular barbell and circular piercing in various designs, in metal, opal, acrylic and other materials.

Horseshoe Rings

Nose Piercing

Nose Piercing in Bulk

Wholesale nose piercing distributor in 925 sterling silver and 14ct gold. Ball closure rings, nose screws, nose studs, nose bones, seamless and segment rings and other models.

Nose Piercing

Fake Plugs

Fake or fake piercings wholesaler

Fake plugs and tunnels wholesale. Fake piercings that simulate tunnels and plugs in the lobe of the ear in different colors and designs.

Fake Plugs


Septums for nose wholesale

We also have a wide range of septums for the nose. Hundreds of designs to sell in quantity: septum, clicker and false septum in steel and sterling silver.

Septum Piercing


We have any type of Piercing you need: industrial, tragus, tunnels, BCR, basic, internal thread, surface, spiral, screws, rings, earrings, for the tongue, nose, lip, intimate piercings. And in any material: surgical steel 316L, anodized, sterilised to ethylene oxide (EO) 100%, titanium G23, nickel-free, gold plated, sterling silver, PVD, BioFlex, acrylic, silicone, bone, stone and organic among others.


We have clients all over London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Southampton and many other cities and provide wholesale piercing jewellery to them.