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Tapers are a cone shaped, needle like object used to insert jewelry into a piercing that has shrunk or to stretch up an existing piercing, the sizes are determined in gauges where the thicker end is measured, an the stretching is made one size at a time. Pushing the tapers in slowly through the piercing will stretch it up to the desired size, and when it is all the way through, the jewelry will fit in the stretched piercing and the tapers can be removed. They are made from different materials such as stainless steel and plastics that come in many different colors, and some piercing manufacturers offering tapers made of organic materials. The stretching of a piercing in order to have tapers placed in them is a slow and gradual process that should be made with the aid of an experienced piercer. The stretching happens slowly and patience is very important because we are all made differently and certain people are able to stretch quicker than others, but at least a minimum of one month should be given for the tapers to have a chance to stretch the piercing. Stretching whether with tapers or other objects has been and is to this day part of many indigenous people around the world.

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