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Stainless Steel Jewelry

Stainless steel jewelry is jewelry made of stainless steel, and the grade of stainless steel used is important depending on what type of jewelry it is. SSS or surgical grade stainless steel is the preferred choice when the jewelry is intended for piercing jewelry. 316L is a good grade of SSS one that is used for this type of jewelry, but now 316LVM is available which has higher purity. The low nickel content of 316LVM makes it an ideal choice as a starter piece because allergic reactions are not as common as in other metals. The benefits of stainless steel jewelry are many and the manufacturers of piercing jewelry are using this metal because of its many qualities that suit the body jewelry business.

The look of stainless steel jewelry is one that captures the beauty of silver with out the price; the strength, durability, resistance to oxidations and corrosion of stainless is what attracts most people to it. The piercing industry specifically has taken advantage of this fact and the available styles and types of stainless steel jewelry is very large and growing; rings, studs, body bars, and plugs are a few of the examples that are made from stainless steel.