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Shipping & Returns

Insurance & Returns Policy

  • Guaranteed Delivery: We cover all orders against damage or loss, free of charge*. If your package fails to arrive, or is damaged in transit, we will reship replacements for the lost and/or damaged items, at no additional cost. Depending on our stock, we reserve the decision to reship your items, substitute them, or refund the cost of your purchase. Note: This guarantee does not apply in case of a problem with Customs in your country.
    * All orders are ensured only for the value of the Shipping Invoice
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee: Acha Co., ltd. ensures perfect customer satisfaction. If the delivered merchandise do not meet your quality requirements, you may contact us with 30 days of the delivery date in order to get a Return Authorization Number. After the goods are returned to us, we will refund the cost of your purchase.
    Returns will not be accepted without the Return Authorization Number.

 Ordering Process

Our ordering process is as follows:

  • Client sends in order, either via web store or through sales representatives.
  • Order items are checked for availability and client is notified of result. In case some items are temporarily unavailable, client is also informed regarding timeframe to produce items.
  • Client confirms total or partial order.
  • Sales representative assesses cost of items, incl. shipping and notifies client of total cost.
  • Client pays the full 100% price of the order.
  • Upon bank confirmation of full payment receipt, order is assembled. Client is notified and the order is shipped the same day.

Shipping Costs, Shipping Method and Shipping Time

Shipping costs and delivery time depend on the shipping destination, the dimensions and total weight of the shipment, the cheapest carrier's rates (or carrier of your choice) and possible carrier promotions.
We generally ship via:

• Shipping information and estimated costs

Courier ServiceEstimated Delivery TimeRemark

Fed Ex

5-7 Working days Cheapest shipping method and a customer service which will try its best to facilitate customs clearance for your shipment


2 -3 Working days Fastest shipping method but a bit more expensive than FedEx. And for some countries their customer service and customs clearance is problematic.


3-5 Working days Fast delivery combined with excellent customer service but very expensive


7-14 Working days Very expensive but easier customs control in some countries such as Russia and East Europe
Registered Mail 4-6 Weeks Can only be used for empty large displays

     * If you would like to know the most suitable shipping method for your country please contact our sales representatives

• Approximate Shipping Cost

Estimates for standard shipments by FedEx to some popular destinations.

Destination1 kg2 kg5kg10kg20 kg
Australia/New Zealand 20$ - 25$ 30$ - 35$ 50$ - 55$ 70$ - 75$ 100$ - 105$
United States / Canada 25$ – 30$ 35$ – 40$ 65$ - 70$ 95$ - 100$ 125$ - 130$
Italy/France/Germany/Spain/UK 25$ – 30$ 35$ – 40$ 65$ - 70$ 100$ - 105 125$ - 130$
Hungary / Poland / Czech Republic 20$ – 25$ 30$ – 35$ 55$ - 60$ 90$ - 95$ 105$ - 110$