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Pinchers are a class of body jewelry that are worn in a piercing, pinchers are mostly identified as crescent in shape and they come in different styles and they have no thread or captive accessories, o-rings are what holds them in place, unless they are the twisted steel variety. One of the reasons pinchers are used is to stretch a piercing for bigger jewelry, but that is not the case all the time. If that is so patience is absolutely necessary when trying to accommodate a larger piece of jewelry into a smaller piercing, take the advice of the piercer and follow all instructions to avoid any possible tearing.

Pinchers are mostly worn on the nose and ears and they are one of the most eye catching and colorful of the body piercing jewelry lines. The materials they are made of, marble, acrylic, glass and steel lends itself to being very colorful. The glass and acrylic pinchers are specially the ones that come in all the different colors. Stretching piercings has been part of many different cultures around the world, to signify beauty, social standing and marital status, the pinchers that are worn currently might not have the same meaning; they none the less garner the attention that past cultures were very well aware of.