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Piercings are a way in which the body is modified; the modification takes place by piercing the desired location with a hole so that it will take a ring, a stud or any other body ornament. Piercings can be made almost any where on the body, starting with the head it can be on the, ears, eyebrows, nose, lips, tongue and cheeks; moving to the torso the nipples and belly button as well as the genitals. The rest of the body can be modified by doing what is called surface piercings which are made almost anywhere on the body to accommodate rings or studs. The jewelry available for piercings is sometimes body part specific and where the piercing is made will dictate where the piercing jewelry will be worn. The jewelry made for piercings is extremely vast and varied, made in different style and from every conceivable material to suit every taste.

Piercings having been part of the human experience for a very long time practiced to signify anything from social standing to spiritual devotion, the recent resurgence in this old practice can be attributed not only to the significance the piercing offers also to the incredible selections of jewelries available for piercings.