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Labrets have several meanings, one is a type of body piercing usually between the lip and the chin line, although most people refer to any lip piercing as a labret and the other is any type of piercing jewelry that is attached to the lips on the face. Finding out what terminology is used at the piercing parlor one is going is important. Labrets as it applies to the piercing takes anywhere between two to six months to heal, and this is dependent on how well it is taken care of after the piercing, so following the instructions given at the time of the piercing very important. There are different types of labrets and these piercings have different names such as the Medusa, Madonna, and Madison so knowing what type of piercings these names imply is important before you have the procedure. When it comes to the jewelry, labrets come in many varieties of studs and rings, made with stainless steel, gold, titanium, acrylic and others. Labrets can have precious and semi precious jewels on them such as diamonds or cubic zirconium. The piercing has a tendency to close rather fast so it is important when the jewelry is taken out that labrets be replaced with a nylon keeper or retainer for labrets, which can also be used when having a ring or stud is not acceptable because they are transparent.