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Labret Bars

Labret bars are piercing jewelry that are worn on a piercing called a labret, a labret is technically a piercing made bellow the lower lip in the center between the chin and the bottom lip, and labret bars are short barbells with a flat back that have many different options when it comes to what kind of piece can be attached on them. When the piercing is first made for this jewelry a longer piece that will accommodate the swelling of the lip is recommended, because it takes anywhere between two to six months to heal being comfortable for the duration is important. This and all other piercings can have a reduced period of healing if the site of the piercing is kept clean, and directions are followed. The labret bars are made with different metals, like titanium and gold, glass and plastics and can be embellished with precious jewels, and different designs and motifs are available to make them unique. This particular piercing is a modern invention compared to other piercings that have thousands of years of history for their existence. The labret bars though new have meaning to the person who has a piercing to wear this particular kind of jewelry.

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