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Jewelry are ornaments sometimes set with gems, worn since ancient times by people of all cultures for personal adornment, as badges of social or official rank, and as emblems of religious, social, or political affiliation. What jewelry represents has not changed since it was first conceived, and as it applies to piercing jewelry the reasons are still the same, it is a form of self expression that has added the human body as part of the adornment instead of a separate unit. This line of jewelry sometimes referred to as body jewelry sometimes requires a more extensive body modification, and what is available to adorn said body parts is extensive. Jewelry in its broadest sense could be made with any material and at some point in time it has been by many different civilizations. As it applies to body piercing jewelry the materials in which it is made has adapted to the special need that a particular piercing on the body requires. Metals have always been part of making jewelry and when it comes to piercing the old standbys as well as new exotic alloys have been used to adapt to the growing specialized need of this particular segment of the industry.

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