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A Ring is a circular band used to decorate ears, toes, noses, or most often a finger. A ring has been a symbol to signify everything from what we most associate it with, marriage, but also to indicate everything from rank to membership or just an ornament. The personal significance that a ring has is accentuated when this particular jewelry is worn with a piercing. In piercing jewelry the ring has been adapted to be used in every part of the body that has the capability of being pierced and if it has been pierced there is a ring that is made for that specific body part. The ring made for this line of body jewelry is just as diverse, made with precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum, but newer materials such as alloys like titanium and organic ones that perhaps other manufacturers have forgotten are used to answer the eclectic need of the piercing aficionado and the ring that he or she may want. Why we’ve had had such fascination with the ring for such a long time no one knows, but it is an enduring part of our culture that is sure to be here for a very long time.

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