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Industrial Piercing Barbells

Industrial piercing barbells are a line of jewelry made for an industrial piercing, which is when two or more piercings are connected by a single barbell. The term industrial was first named by Erik Dakota when a set of piercing he had done was titled “industrial ear project” on Body Play magazine in 1992. Although it was first intended to be made on the ear, it has now moved on to other body parts such as the belly button, and more adventurous piercing aficionados are connecting more than two piercings with industrial piercing barbells that come in several different length on different parts of the body. It is very important that the experience of the piercer be extensive when doing an industrial. To achieve the look that is desired it has to be measured properly and take into context the size and shape of the ear or other body part and make sure it is has symmetry. It is also recommended that the two initial piercing have two separate rings before putting in the industrial piercing barbells because it makes healing a much better proposition. Once it has healed there are industrial barbells made with gold, titanium and shapes and designs to make this unique piercing standout.

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