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Industrial Piercing

An industrial piercing is two or more piercings that are connected by a single barbell. This particular piercing is made on the ear and that was when the term industrial piercing was coined and it has since been applied to any two piercings that are connected by jewelry such as a barbell. When an industrial piercing is going to be made especially on the ear it is very important that the person making the piercing has a lot of experience. This is a piercing where placement and symmetry play a role in the final outcome, and if this is not taken into consideration than the desired look will not be achieved. It is also recommended that the initial pieces of jewelry for the industrial piercing be individual rings until it has fully healed, this is because a single barbell going through two piercings prolongs the healing process, while two individual rings will be easier to clean and take care of. The industrial barbell is made with different materials, stainless steel capturing the look that this particular piercing was intended for, but gold and titanium are some of the other materials available for this unique way of accentuating a piercing or two.

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