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Flesh Tunnels

Flesh tunnels are a type of body piercing jewelry that is most often used to stretch a piercing or accentuate a stretched piercing by wearing one. Flesh tunnels are hollow and they are held in place by flares and o-rings or they can be screwed on, and if this type of backing is chosen it is recommended that it be an internally threaded screw because it will prevent any possible abrasion. Flesh tunnels are made of different materials, numerous types of metals, alloys, silicone, plastics, and organic material like bone, amber, and horn are some of the options out of the many that are available. Another way of decorating the flesh tunnels is by putting rings or small chains through it.

Stretching a piercing should be done with an experienced piercer, one that will give you the right information in order to avoid any possible injury, it is a process that takes some time and patience is critical. Silicone flesh tunnels are helpful in reducing any discomfort and make sleeping with this type of piercing jewelry a more comfortable alternative. Stretching piercings is an old ritual carried out by many indigenous people around the world with religious and societal significance.

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