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Body Jewelry Plugs

Body jewelry plugs are cylindrical shaped plugs made of different materials that are placed in a piercing that is typically stretched, worn on the earlobes even though it can be placed on other parts of the body such as the nose. The stretching process is one that takes some time to accomplish, and a professional with experience should be consulted because serious injuries can occur when trying to accommodate body jewelry plugs. The stretching is gradual and it is done in increments of two, if your initial piercing was an eighteen gauge then you would go to sixteen and so on until you can accommodate the body jewelry plugs you wish. There are different types of plugs available once the desired size has been accomplished, and they come as single or double flared, un-flared, O-ring assortments, and threaded.

Beside stainless steel and other metals Body jewelry plugs are made of bone, amber, horn, wood, silicone and sometimes glass, some of these choices are better than plastics or metals in that they allow some breathing, preventing the building of sebum in the enlarged ear lobe.

Plugs in different forms have been used for centuries around the globe; a stretched ear for example is considered a sign of wisdom in many indigenous cultures.