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Body Bars

Body bars are a type of piercing jewelry that are identified by their similarity to weight lifting bars, they have two balls at both ends of the jewelry which helps hold it in place at the site of the piercing. The bars are not always straight and they come in different shapes and they are still referred to as bars even if the names have a slight change such as curved bars, circular, twisted, spiral bars, and others. Body bars can be placed almost anywhere a piercing is made, and they are specially adapted for certain parts of the body like the tongue. The bars made for the tongue have the options of having the top ball and the shaft as one piece to avoid the possibility of swallowing it. Beside the tongue body bars are can be worn on the ears, eyebrows, septum, nipples and other parts of the body. They are made with different metals such as gold, silver and platinum, alloys like titanium as well as plastics, with options of attaching precious jewels, crystals and other designs on them. Once the choice has been made to pierce the body, the available body bars to adorn the piercings are many.